Upgrading from WSS to SharePoint 2010

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There is a bit of information around about upgrading from MOSS to SharePoint 2010 and from WSS to Foundation Server but not a lot about upgrading from WSS to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.

I just did the upgrade and I can’t believe how easy it is. The only caveat was that my WSS was pretty vanilla and only had a few lists and doc libraries. I don’t guarantee this will work for everyone.

I just followed these steps.

  1. Back up your content database
  2. Install SharePoint 2010 but don’t set up a site collection
  3. Restore your content DB
  4. Use the Mount-SPContentDatabase command using powershell. The exact instructions for this can be found here. *
  5. Once the upgrade is complete your site will look like the WSS but you can use the Visual Upgrade from Site Actions to give it the new SP 2010 look.

*If you have never used Powershell before see some gotchas I wrote about here.

Installing SharePoint 2010 with local account

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After 2 days I finally managed to install SharePoint 2010 with a local account.

I ended up working from these 3 articles:




The rest I had to guess.

In Summary here is what I did

  1. Changed registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\WSS\ServerRole == SINGLESERVER
  2. Used PowerShell command "New-SPConfigurationDatabase"

Step 1 should fix the local account problem
Note: After changing the registry you may have to reboot.

Step2 is to create the configuration database.

Before running Powershell make sure you have installed version 2 and you mahe to uninstall version 1 from features.

The reason I had to use the powershell command was because I was getting the following error during install:
CryptographicException: Keyset does not exist

It basically died during step 2 of the SharePoint 2010 products Configuration Wizard.

As I had never used powershell before there were a couple of gotchas.

1. At first I was running the wrong version of Powershell. You need to run the modules version. 



2. At first I was getting an invalid credentials error. The trick was to run powershell with elevated privileges.

After completing these steps you should be able to run the SharePoint 2010 products Configuration Wizard successfully.

Good luck!!

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